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MENA’s Voice Monetization and Mobile Boom: Insights by Narender Jakhar

Narender Jakhar, the Founder & CEO of Glomax Technology, highlights the burgeoning affiliate marketing landscape in the MENA region. Driven by escalating online purchases and extensive mobile usage among the populace, alongside governmental backing for digital enterprises, the realm presents a fertile ground for both local and global affiliate marketing entities. The collective dynamics are setting a favorable stage for affiliate success in the digital marketplace of MENA.

Navigating MENA Media Buying: Insights from Adelina Alekseichyk

Adelina Alekseichyk, COO of BackStreet Affiliates, shares invaluable insights on media buying in the MENA market. She discusses key GEOs, regional norms, and offers actionable tips, while also shedding light on the benefits of partnering with Hypercentage