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Interview with A. López, Senior Media Buyer at AppSunset: Unlocking the Potential of MENA's Affiliate Marketing

MENA Market Overview

Q: How do you view the current and future landscape of affiliate marketing in MENA?

A. López: MENA is a market with enormous potential, thanks to its millions of users and competitive traffic costs. It’s growing consistently and has a lot more to offer.

Q: What challenges and opportunities have you noticed in MENA?

A. López: The main hurdles are language barriers and creative design. However, the demand for content far outweighs the supply, offering a fertile ground for affiliates.

Q: How do you adapt your strategies to MENA's diverse culture?

A. López: We don’t necessarily adapt; we employ a rigorous testing approach to find what resonates with the audience.

Q: Any underexplored areas in MENA's affiliate marketing?

A. López: Iran and Iraq hold untapped potential and should be explored more.

Strategy & Metrics

Q: What ROI benchmarks do you aim for?

A. López: A minimum ROI of 50% is our target for MENA campaigns.

Q: Which traffic channels have been most effective?

A. López: Native, push, and banner channels have yielded the best results for us.

Q: How often do you update your MENA-focused strategy?

A. López: Whenever we notice sudden changes in performance or when optimizing campaigns and updating creatives.

Future Outlook & Partnership with Hypercentage

Q: How do you see technology affecting MENA's affiliate marketing?

A. López: AI will inevitably make an entrance, blurring the lines between human and machine interactions.

Q: How has your partnership with Hypercentage been?

A. López: It’s been over five years of a solid and satisfying partnership. Hypercentage stands out with incredible flows and excellent conversion ratios. Their support has been instrumental in our growth.

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