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In-Depth Interview with Arun Varma, Founder & CEO of AppsBrite UG: Unveiling the Intricacies of Affiliate Marketing in the MENA Region

MENA Market: Challenges and Opportunities

Q: How has affiliate marketing evolved in the MENA region?

Arun Varma: Affiliate marketing has undergone dramatic changes over the years in MENA. The shifts are primarily due to the regulatory environment surrounding Value-Added Services (VAS), competition among digital acquisition channels, and the high Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC).

Q: What growth patterns have you observed in MENA?

Arun Varma: MENA is still relatively new but on a fast growth trajectory. Given the cycles of boom and bust witnessed in other markets, we can expect similar trends here as well.

Q: How do you adapt your strategies to suit MENA's diverse culture?

Arun Varma: Localization is crucial. We’ve been able to adapt some of the best practices from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region to MENA.

Q: Are there areas in MENA that are ripe for exploration in affiliate marketing?

Arun Varma: With networks like Hypercentage leading the way, most of the markets are starting to get attention. The room for growth lies in forging more partnerships, improving offer conversions, and collaborating with local publishers for better localization.

Key Metrics and Strategy Adaptation

Q: What benchmarks do you use for ROI in MENA?

Arun Varma: We don’t have separate ROI benchmarks for MENA; we apply the same standards as we do for other regions.

Q: Which traffic channels have shown the most promise in MENA?

Arun Varma: Push traffic has been highly effective for us in MENA, aligning with trends we’ve seen in other regions.

Q: How often do you revisit your affiliate strategies targeted at MENA?

Arun Varma: We revise our MENA-focused strategies quarterly or when we detect sudden performance changes or need to optimize campaigns.

Q: What metrics are most valuable for you when analyzing a MENA-focused campaign?

Arun Varma: The conversion rate is the most critical metric. It serves as a foundation for both optimization and scaling.

Hypercentage: A Partnership That Stands Out

Q: Could you describe your experience with Hypercentage?

Arun Varma: Hypercentage has been a game-changer with their unique offers and flows. Their Affiliate Managers, particularly Madalina, provide prompt and proactive support, which is essential for long-term success.

Q: What sets Hypercentage's offers apart from the rest?

Arun Varma: Hypercentage differentiates itself through unique pay-per-call flows and regionalized, high-performing offers.

Q: How would you assess Hypercentage's reactivity and support?

Arun Varma: Our Affiliate Manager at Hypercentage, Madalina, embodies the professionalism and promptness necessary for success. As networks expand, they often lose sight of the contributors who bring consistent revenue. Hypercentage understands that human relationships are pillars for sustained growth.

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