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Navigating MENA Media Buying: Insights from Adelina Alekseichyk

MENA Market Overview

MENA: A Stable and Profitable Market

The MENA market remains a stable and lucrative avenue for profits. Key GEOs for media buying include AE, TN, SA, KW, and BH. These countries boast abundant natural resources, higher income levels, and a significant population of migrant workers.

Navigating Regional Norms and Censorship

Due to strict censorship and high VPN usage, it’s crucial to be mindful of ad content. Avoid creatives that may offend religious or cultural values.

Language and Target Audience Specifics

Arabic is generally the preferred language for ad creatives. However, English works well in AE due to its English-speaking migrant population. Additionally, considering the patriarchal norms, ads targeting women should also appeal to men.

Language and Target Audience Specifics

Ads should be detail-rich and factual, accompanied by eye-catching imagery. Below are some CPC numbers per GEO (data not provided).

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