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After our recent Affiliate World Asia event, we’re more confident than ever that our innovative solutions can empower affiliate marketers and media buyers to skyrocket their ROI.

In this guide, we’ll unveil untapped opportunities for you to promote our offers and harness the potential of voice monetization in your campaigns.

Now, we’re thrilled to share this insider knowledge with you. Keep on reading!!!!

Diverse Opportunities Await You:

Our technology is incredibly versatile, suitable for various niches including dating, mainstream, recruitment, sweepstakes, addiction-targeted, and customer support.

The possibilities are limitless!

Best Traffic Sources to use:

For optimal results, consider these key traffic sources:
• Mobile push traffic
• Mobile display on hand-picked websites
• Expired domain traffic
• Social media, especially influencer traffic (live sessions can yield 100+ calls for as low as $20)

Guidelines for Triumph:

1. Avoid sending blind pops to save money.
2. Craft landing pages and banners tailored to your traffic source for seamless integration.
3. Set up campaigns with a daily budget of $50-$100.

What type of offers work best?

We control the technology, making sure your user ALWAYS gets a valid call access. The rest depends on how good you understand the process and how intelligent you are to paid sources with offers, or come up with good ideas for new offers.
But we’ve made it easy for you to promote our offers. Whether you’re a newbie and with literally zero budget to invest in traffic, or you’re an experienced affiliate and already see where you could leverage our technology, we’re here to support you at every stage of your journey.
business target

Our Offers and Creatives

When it comes to our in-house mobile offers, they are specifically designed to be perceived as a native experience by the end-user. With a huge selection of mobile banners targeted to compliment most affiliate niches from crypto, betting, gaming, e-commerce, finance, gambling, adult, dating, tech and customer support, recruitment, and sweepstakes, you’ll have no shortage of creatives to use in your campaigns.
You choose to run them on targeted placements and pair them with our white-label magic call flow, or you can send excess/remnant/low-performing to our 1 click flow landing pages that are tailored to all the above niches.

Explore Our Offers:

• 1 Click Flow: Contact your AM or share your ideas, and we’ll create an offer for you.
• 0 Click Flow (Magic Call Flow): Seamlessly integrate this URL under a banner or load your URL behind. *White-label available* Conversion rates average at 1 in every 40 clicks. Don’t miss the chance to test these offers firsthand. Reach out to your AM for other banners and landing pages that you will simply love!

Most of these innovative banners have generated thousands of calls per day.
All it takes is creativity and the right traffic source. Your Key to Success

Our voice monetization technology, paired with millions of local mobile phones and standby local numbers worldwide, can elevate your earnings significantly. With single opt-in flows via call and zero signup hassles, it’s effortless to start earning. Affiliates can earn up to $0.50 CPA or enjoy an enticing 80% revenue share on generated calls, thanks to the “Magic Flow” Call.

Targeting for Triumph:

Focus on carrier traffic for optimal ROI, as it’s where the magic truly happens. While prepaid SIM card users may have shorter call durations, our sweet spot lies in the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.

cost per click

Average Cost Per Impression (December 2023):

Check out the cost per impression by for our targeted countries here.
We’ve looked at our global stats and exported a round-up export of performance by country.
Here’s what you should expect to see when launching campaigns:
ROI at your fingertips.

About Hypercentage:

Founded in 2005 in Switzerland, Hypercentage specializes in telecommunications and offers a wide range of innovative mobile offers. With a global presence and a wide team of call center experts fluent in 20 languages, we are here to support your campaigns and create custom offers.

Why Partner with Us:

• Diverse offerings across various verticals
• Global reach, especially in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia
• An expert team ready to assist you.
• Attractive payouts, including CPA rates of $0.25 to $0.50 per conversion or 80% revenue share on all calls.

Ready to dive in?

We’re not only offering you an opportunity to maximize your earnings but also a chance to earn 5% in referral rewards when you share this article with others. Embrace the power of affiliate marketing and embark on an adventure with, fueled by “Magic Flow” Call. Your success knows no bounds!

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