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Mastering Valentine's Day Campaigns with Hypercentage's Click-to-Call Offers

Valentine’s Day is not just a celebration of love but also a prime opportunity for affiliates to capitalize on the high digital consumption and interests of mobile internet users during this time. To help you maximize your ROI, we’ve launched two Valentine’s Day offers specifically for Middle East and Northern African market.
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Over the last few years, the celebration of Valentine’s Day has become widely accepted in the Arab world. In the past, a fair number of Arab countries did not celebrate Valentine’s Day because it was seen as only a Western holiday which contradicted both Christian and Muslim theology.

With a 24x appetite increase for love, shopping, gifting and……falling in love, all you need to do is get the user to our landing pages and let the magic happen. Hypercentage’s mobile click-to-call offers provide a streamlined path to conversion, catering to a tech-savvy demographic eager for simple yet meaningful ways to express affection. With a 0.50$ CPA per call, you’re in to capitalize big over the next two weeks, as mobile users are now more than ever interested in getting some love.

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Strategies for Campaign Excellence

Target the Gift-Givers
Focus on 25 to 45-year-olds, predominantly men, extending beyond romantic partners to friends and family.
Budget Smartly
Allocate sufficient funds to accommodate the Valentine’s surge. – Language Matters: Direct users to landing pages in their native tongue for a personal touch.
Language Matters

Direct users to landing pages in their native tongue for a personal touch.

Analyze your traffic sources to understand where the end-user is coming from. If they’re coming from shopping/ecommerce traffic, we recommend you run our voucher campaigns ID 1302 and 1304 (CPA) with push, pop-up and pop-under traffic.

Ad Formats for Maximum Impact

Push Ads
Used for their user-friendly, non-intrusive nature, especially effective in dating and e-commerce verticals due to high engagement rates.
Pop Ads
Offer visibility and cost-effectiveness, making them ideal for broad-reaching Valentine’s campaigns.
Domain Redirect Traffic
Although pricier, they ensure high relevance and performance, perfect for targeted campaigns from dating sites or similar traffic sources.
Leveraging Hypercentage’s mobile click-to-call offers with a strategic approach to Valentine’s Day offers you profitable ROI on campaigns that resonate with your broader audience. Hypercentage is committed to supporting affiliates every step of the way, ensuring access to the resources and guidance needed for successful campaigns. Get in touch with your AM today and don’t miss out on these seasonal gains.


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